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IPO Subscription Status 2022 (Live Status) - Marketyogi

IPO Subscription Status- In this post, you will see the total no. of subscriptions of the closed IPO done by investors in the year 2021 - 2022. There were many such IPOs in 2021, which doubled the money of many people, in the same way, many more IPOs are going to be listed in 2022. You can visit this post daily to know the subscription of all IPOs. IPO subscription shows how the IPO is going to get a response on the day of listing.

Table Of Content (toc)

Investors Category

QIB:- Qualified Institutional Buyers

NII:- NON- Institutional Investors

RII:- Retail Individual Investors

  • Qualified Individual Buyers: - QIB means an organization that invests for people like Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Provident Funds, companies, etc. QIBs invest with very large capital. In an IPO, a specific share is kept for each category. A maximum of 50% can be kept for QIBs in the IPO
  • Non-Institutional Investors:- Individual investors, NRIs, HUF, etc all come in this category. In NIIs category, the bid is to be made above 2 lakhs. A minimum of 15% of the IPO is reserved for Violence NIIs. NII is also called HNI i.e. High Net Worth Investors.
  • Retail Individual Investor:- Retail Investor means individuals like you and me who are bidding less than Rs.2 Lakh in an IPO. If you are bidding for property above 2 lakhs then you will be known as a High Policy Worth Investor and will fall in the HNI category. A minimum of 35% of the IPO is earmarked for retail investors

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Live IPO Subscription Status in 2022

Check the list of IPO subscription status in India's primary market that is listed in 2022. Some of the IPOs show a good listing gain and some of the IPOs show a decent listing gain. Here you can see the response given by QIB, NII & RII to the IPOs.

IPO Subscription Status Of Listed IPO in 2022

Here you can see the list of IPO Subscription status of listed IPO in 2022. IPO response by QIB, NII & RII.

Harsha Engineers 178.26x 71.32x 17.63x 74.70x
Tamilnad Mercantile 1.62x 2.94x 6.48x 2/86x
Dreamfolks Services 70.53x 37.66x 43.66x 56.68x
Syrma SGS 87.56x 17.50x 5.53x 20.26x
Aether Industries 17.57x 2.52x 1.14x 6.26x
eMudhra IPO 4.05x 1.28x 2.61x 2.71x
Ethos Ltd 1.06x 1.48x 0.84x 1.04x
Paradeep Phosphates 3.01x 0.82x 1.37x 1.75x
Delhivery 2.24x 0.04x 0.48x 1.31x
Venus Pipes And Tubes 6.07x 10.65x 13.50x 10.77x
Prudent Corporate 1.26x 0.99x 1.29x 1.22x
LIC IPO 2.83x 2.91x 1.99x 2.95x
Rainbow Children's Medicare 38.90x 3.73x 1.38x 12.43x
Campus Activewear 152.04x 22.25x 7.68x 51.75x
Hariom Pipe 0.82x 1.93x 7.17x 3,42x
Veranda IPO 2.20x 3.87x 10.76x 3.53x
Uma Exports 2.81x 2.22x 10.11x 7.67x
Ruchi Soya 2.20x 11.75x 0.90x 3.60x
Vedant Fashion 7.49x 1.07x 0.39x 2.57x
Adani Wilmar 5.73x 56.30x 3.92x 17.37x
AGS Transact 2.68x 25.61x 3.08x 7.79x

IPO Grey Market Premium

IPO Subscription Status Of Listed IPOs in 2021

IPO Subscription status in India's primary market that is listed in 2021. Some of the IPOs show a good listing gain and some of the IPOs show a decent listing gain.

CMS Info System 1.98x 1.45x 2.15x 1.95x
Supriya Lifescience 31.83x 161.22x 55.98x 71.51x
HP Adhesives 1.82x 19.04x 81.24x 20.96x
Data Pattern 190.86x 254.22x 23.14x 119.62x
Medplus health 111.90x 85.33x 5.24x 52.53x
MetroBrands 8.49x 3.02x 5.13x 51.09x
Mapmyindia 196.36x 424.69x 15.20x 154.71x
Shriram Properties 1.85x 4.82x 12.72x 4.60x
Rategain Travel 8.42x 39.69x 7.46x 15.95x
Anand Rathi 2.50x 42.04x 8.08x 17.41x
Tega Industries 215.45x 666.19x 29.44x 219.04x
Star Health 1.03x 0.19x 1.10x 0.79x
Go Fashion 100.73x 262.08x 49.70x 135.46x
Tarsons Products 115.77x 184.58x 10.56x 77.49x
Latent View 145.48x 850.66x 119.44x 326.49x
Sapphire Foods 7.50x 3.46x 8.70x 6.62x
Paytm 2.79x 0.24x 1.66x 1.89x
SJS Enterprises 1.42x 2.32x 1.38x 1.59x
Sigachi Industries 86.51x 172.43x 80.49x 101.91x
Policybazaar 24.89x 7.82x 3.31x 16.59x
Fino Payment Bank 1.65x 0.21x 5.92x 2.03x
Nykaa 91.18x 112.02x 12.24x 81.78x
ABSL AMC 10.36x 4.39x 3.24x 5.24x
Paras Defence 169.65x 927.70x 112.81x 304.26x
Sansera Engineering 26.47x 11.37x 3.15x 11.47x
Ami Organics 86.64x 154.81x 13.36x 64.54x
Vijaya Diagnostic 13.07x 1.32x 1.09x 4.54x
Champlast Sanmar 2.70x 1.03x 2.29x 2.17x
Aptus Value Housing 32.41x 33.91x 1.35x 17.20x
CarTrade 35.45x 41.00x 2.75x 20.29x
Nuvoco Vistas 4.23x 0.66x 0.73x 1.71x
Krsnaa Diagnostics 49.83x 116.30x 42.03x 64.40x
Devyani International 95.27x 213.06x 39.51x 116.71x
Exxaro Tiles 17.67x 5.36x 40.10x 22.67x
Windlas Biotech 24.40x 15.73x 24.47x 22.46x
Rolex Rings 143.58x 360.11x 24.48x 130.43x
Glenmark Life 36.97x 122.54x 14.63x 44.17x
Tatva Chintan 185.23x 512.22x 35.34x 180.35x
Zomato 51.79x 32.96x 7.45x 38.25x
Clean Science 156.37x 206.43x 9.00x 93.41x
GR Infra 168.58x 238.04x 12.57x 102.58x
Indian Pesticides 42.95x 51.88x 11.30x 29.04x
KIMS Hospital 5.26x 1.89x 2.90x 3.86x
Dodla Dairy 84.88x 73.26x 11.34x 45.62x
Sona Comstar 3.46x 0.39x 1.58x 2.28x
Shyam Metalics 155.71x 339.98x 11.64x 121.43x
Lodha Developers 3.05x 1.44x 0.40x 1.36x
Barbeque Nation 5.11x 3.10x 13.13x 5.98x
Suryoday Bank 2.18x 1.31x 3.09x 2.37x
Nazara Technologies 103.77x 389.89x 75.29x 175.46x
Kalyan Jewellers 2.76x 1.91x 2.82x 2.61x
Craftsman Automation 5.21x 2.84x 3.43x 3.81x
Laxmi Organic 175.43x 217.62x 20.04x 106.78x
Anupam Rasayan 65.74x 97.42x 10.77x 44.06x
EaseMyTrip 77.53x 382.21x 70.40x 159.33x
MTAR Technologies 164.99x 650.79x 28.40x 200.79x
Heranba Ind 67.45x 271.15x 11.84x 83.29x
RailTel 64.14x 73.25x 16.78x 42.39x
Nureca 3.10x 31.59x 166.65x 39.93x
MRP Agro - 2.66x 4.17x 3.21x
Brookfield India REIT 4.78x 11.52x - 7.94x
Stove Kraft 8.02x 32.72x 26.04x 18.03x
Home First Finance 52.53x 39.00x 6.59x 26.66x
Indigo Paints 189.57x 263.05x 15.93x 117.02x
IRFC IPO 3.78x 2.67x 3.66x 3.49x
Antony Waste 9.67x 18.69x 16.55x 15.04x

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