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Open Upstox Free Demat Account in 2022 - STEP BY STEP

Hi Reader, Today in this blog I will teach you step by step how to open Upstox Free Demat Account on mobile. As we all know for investing in the stock market we need a Demat account.  Upstox is one of India's largest and fastest-growing brokers with over 50 lakh users. 

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Upstox Free Demat Account Opening Steps

Step 1. First of all, you have to Create a Demate Account. To Create Demate Account Click on the link below.

Step 2. For Creating Account you have to download the Upstox app by clicking HERE then follow the following steps with the images shown below.

Step 1:- Click on CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.

Step 2:- Then Enter your Email Address and Mobile No. and press Send OTP.

Step 3:- Then you will receive OTP in your mobile no. enter that OTP and Click on Sign Up.

Step 4:-Then enter your email address and click on SEND ME AN OTP.

Step 5:- You will receive OTP in your mail enter that OTP and press CONTINUE

Step 6:- You will see PAN Card and Aadhaar Card required to create an account. Keep all Documents and press CONTINUE.

Step 7:- Then Enter Your PAN No. and Date Of Birth mentioned in PAN Card. Then press NEXT.

Step 8:- Select your Gender, Marital Status, Annual Income, and Trading Experience (Less than 1 year).

Step 9:- Then Scroll Down, select your occupation, Click "No" on the politically exposed option, and if you are of Indian residency then click YES.

Step 10:- On Tax Payer Declaration Tick on both the boxes and press CONTINUE.

Upstox Free Demat Account 3

Step 11:- You will see Congratulation Message. On the bottom right click on YES, I WANT A FREE STOCK.

Step 12:- Verify your Address if it's correct then press YES, THESE DETAILS ARE CORRECT.

Step 13:- On the next screen, you have to sign on your mobile screen in the whiteboard if you need to improve your wrong signature then click on erase all and then again sign correctly then press CONTINUE.

Step 14:- On the next screen, you have to take your photo by allowing camera access click on CONTINUE.

Step 15:- On the next, you have to ALLOW camera Access.

Step 16:- Then Click on GOT IT.

Step 17:- Take your Front clear photo by clicking on CAPTURE.

Step 18:- Then Click on ACCEPT.

Step 19:- Then you have to fill in your Bank Details and select your account type then click on CONTINUE.

Step 20:- Then you have to click on sign up for - free. Click on Yes if your Aadhaar Card is linked with your mobile no. and then click on CONTINUE.

Step 21:- Congratulation, your limited plan offers are on their way! On this page, press CONTINUE.

Step 22:- Then on the next screen click No, I'll do it later, and press CONTINUE.

Step 23:- Then you have to e-sign your application. Click on Aahaar OTP.

Step 24:- Then Downloading will Continue. You have to wait for a few minutes.

Step 25:- Then Click on ESIGN NOW.

Step 26:- Make sure you have ticked on both the boxes and then click on PROCEED TO ESIGN.

Step 27:- Then PDF opens, and click on SIGN NOW.

Step 28:- On this screen check the box thicked and enter your Aadhaar No. and click on SEND OTP.

Step 29:- You will receive OTP in your registered mobile no. which is linked to your Aadaar card enter the OTP and click on VERIFY OTP.

Step 30:- You will see you are successfully signed.

Step 31:- Now your application is submitted, it will approve within 3 days.

Step 32:- After Approval, you will receive mail from upstox. In this mail, you will get your username and password.

Step 33:- Now open Upstox App, and click on LOG IN.

Step 34:- Enter the username and password which is given by upstox in your mail and press SIGN IN.

Step 35:- On the next screen enter your YEAR OF BIRTH.

Step 36:- Now you successfully logged in, click on CHANGE.

Step 37:- Now you can change the password. Enter your old password which is given by upstox and then create your own new password and then click on SUBMIT.

Step 38:- Hurry! your account is ready now you can invest and trade on this account.

Create Demate Account


I hope this article on how to open upstox free demat account is helpful for you and you will create your demate account successfully. I guided you Step by Step on how to open upstox account on mobile. If you have any queries and you can contact me at askmarketyogi@gmail.com

 If this post is helpful for you then let me know in the comment section.


How do I create a upstox Free Demat account?

To Create upstox free Demat account you have to follow some steps which we have mentioned above. follow the simple steps and create your account.

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